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The Off The Record Logo was created by Sarah Tuley

The Caller-Times Off The Record Sessions began in January 2017, as an idea among reporters, including myself, and our content strategy analyst in the newsroom.

We get several emails from musicians performing in Corpus Christi who need coverage. So we decided to give them a space to perform inside our newsroom.

We knew it’d be a great way to stretch our video, audio tools and Facebook Live muscles a bit. But it was a challenge. As writers, we were not comfortable in front of the camera, and much less going live.

But it turned into the best chance we’ve had to connect with our community while giving musicians an opportunity to showcase their work. People come into the newsroom, meet the staff and they get to know us and trust us.

With this project, I became comfortable in front of the camera and encouraged other staffers to give it a shot and do the same. I was a presenter, I handled technical aspects when needed, monitored the social media accounts and produced a finished package for our site.

This was the first time the Caller-Times did anything like this and all staff members got involved. The project is something that brought the newsroom together and it’s something we take pride in.

Off The Record opened the door for other Facebook Live engaging opportunities — How-To videos, Q&As and Breaking News live videos.

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